About me

I enjoy creating and exploring news, issues and innovation in communication and creativity–especially in marketing and technical communications. A fan of plain English, I like to follow linguistic trends and issues once in a while, too.

I’d love to exchange ideas, innovations or news, so please write!



I believe in excellence through attention to detail, seeing the big picture with a systems or holistic viewpoint, and developing loyal customer relationships through high customer satisfaction. I also like collaborating to meet challenges, and innovating to fill needs with creative solutions.

I’ve worked in journalism, technical communication, writing and editing employee publications, freelance writing, video communications, sales, customer service and technical installation. My technical work includes satellite TV and phone line installation & repair, minor computer repair and upgrades, and auto repairs.

The work I prefer to do, and which plays to my strongest suits, is content developmentwriting, research, editing–and creativity. This includes technical writing, marketing, web content, employee publications, writing on ecology and social justice, and blogging.

I get excited and energized by creating, then writing and editing/perfecting an article, publication, blog entry, or song. I enjoy tweaking stuff, too–be it websites, writing, or my car, home and lawnmower. I like doing handyman work, and keep a side business active contracting with painting and handyman jobs. Recent work includes lawn and garden equipment assembly with ReadySetService at Home Depot.

Working with people is exciting, and collaborating with creative, skilled and friendly people turbo-charges me.


Contact me:

Please contact me directly for a resume or skills list at tim.mantyla@gmail.com.

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/timmantyla



I’m a writer, editor, songwriter, musician, ecology and astronomy enthusiast, husband and father. The people I most want to impress are my son and my wife.

I keep active with my family, exercise regularly, and often toss a Frisbee or play a basketball or soccer game. Hobbies include astronomy, cycling, camping, photography. We live in a dark-sky area near the Lake Hudson Dark Sky Preserve. I’m frequent and active volunteer for my son’s Cub Scout den.

I’m a fair artist with a pen or pencil. I also do some comedy writing and acting–at this point just for fun with friends. It’s mostly vocal impressions of about 100 actors, celebrities, politicians and cartoon characters.

We live near Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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